Devon Coast to Coast Cycle

17th / 18th July 2009
North to South Coast Devon

Alice Rose Ball 2009

November 7th 2009
Marriott Hotel, Bristol

Three Peaks Challenge

What's New?

  • Alice Rose Nurse

    The Alice Rose Trust announce the employment of a metabolic nurse specialist, 'the Alice Rose Nurse'. For many years metabolic services in the ...
  • Pound for Alice

    We need your help - please support the Alice Rose Trust. We are asking you to donate a pound a week to support the Alice Rose Nurse. More details ...
  • Send us your event photos!

    If you have participated in one of our fundraising events, please email a few of you favourite snaps to us and we will upload them to the ...

A Pound for Alice

The Alice Rose Trust needs your support.

One pound per week will go a long way towards continuing to fund the existing nursing post, but also to help develop it to support more and more families as demand inevitably increases.

We invite you to pledge one pound per week, just four pounds a month, to support the Alice Rose Trust and to help children with metabolic disease in the South West.

Simply complete the donation form and return to -

Alice Rose Trust
Prospect House
Parsonage Way

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.


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