Alice Rose Nurse


The Alice Rose Trust announce the employment of a metabolic nurse specialist, 'the Alice Rose Nurse'. For many years metabolic services in the South West region have been under-resourced and unsupported, relative to some of the other higher profile inherited conditions. This is despite a very large number of affected children and the potentially devastating sequaelae providing a lifetime of angst and illness. There has been a change in fortune for metabolic disease in the South West in the last 6 months with a potential for significant development of the service. A post has been created for a consultant paediatrician with a special interest in metabolic disease, though at the time of writing, the post is yet unfilled. The Alice Rose Trust are delighted that from June 2008 a community nurse to support children with inherited metabolic disoredrs and their families has been employed by the United Bristol Healthcare Trust, based at the Royal Hospital for Children in Bristol. This nurse is known as the Alice Rose Nurse, the post being entirely funded by the Alice Rose Trust.

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